The Skyview Robotics unique technology venture was founded in 2012 as the result of recognising the advances in aerial robotics and electromagnetic spectral sensors. We are a team of entrepreneurial technologists with expertise in aeronautics, biological science, spectral and optical imagery and software engineering. We are taking a leading role in the development of innovative systems and sensors to new frontiers of remote sensing knowledge and its applications.

Skyview Robotics’ remote optical sensing capabilities can help customers achieve real solutions enabling them to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. By analyzing spectral differences we can identify anomalies from the finest cracks in bridges, degradation faults in solar panel cells to detecting the earliest signs of disease and weed infestation in crops.

Skyview offers a range of applications including, infrastructure, construction and industrial inspections, oil industry surveying and exploration, ecological and environmental monitoring, flood management, forestry and agriculture, mining and waste management.

Skyview is collaborating with both academic and industrial experts to further enhance the development of remote sensing to realize substantial commercial and environmental benefits improving the world both today and for future generations.