Surveying and monitoring the natural environment is essential for protecting the biodiversity of plants and animals and the habitats they live in. Information on the health and sustainability of habitats, population trends of important plants and animals and the location of rare species contribute to the success of any strategic habitat management plan.

Skyview Robotics provides a low cost and low impact solution to environmental researchers and managers working in a variety of ecosystems. Our non-invasive UAVs can effectively be used to capture qualitative, real time, spectral imagery data in hard to reach places. The flights are GPS controlled so they are extremely accurate and repeatable giving a clear indication as to how an ecosystem is changing over time.

coastalerosionCoastal Erosion
Skyview Robotics aerial 3d topography maps are extremely useful for monitoring the effects of coastal erosion to help in the planning of future Shoreline Management Plans and Flood and Coastal Defense Strategies. An accurate assessment of changes in tidal damage and landscape movement over time can be recorded with repeatable surveys in sometimes inaccessible areas.

floodplanningFlood Planning
Over the past decade the UK has experienced heavy floods which have affected thousands of people and caused millions of pounds worth of damage. Aerial spectral modelling can help develop new conceptual models to understand the response of rivers and water catchment areas to extreme events.

Skyview Robotics’ aerial remote sensing capabilities are an efficient and effective tool for both surveying and monitoring flood risk, flooded and post flood areas. The acquired data allows us to create flood forecast maps showing accurate elevations over the flood plain using Digital Elevation Modelling to give a GPS 3D image. This data along with essential field hydrogeology surveys, allows us to model and simulate the visual impact of raising flood levels and the affect it has on the terrain leading to improvements in flood prediction and more effective means of reducing flood risk.