UAV platforms equipped with electromagnetic spectral sensors are the perfect tools to survey and inspect infrastructure and utilities, from oil and gas pipelines, telecommunications, electric power lines and substations, wind turbines and travel networks including roads, bridges and railways.

Our sensors deliver high spatial and spectral resolution to detect and monitor structural damage caused by heat, fractures and intrusive vegetation at a significantly lower cost than manned aircraft, with a quick response. The flexibility and manoeuvrability of our technology allows data to be collected from locations that are difficult to access, which are potentially dangerous or previously expensive to reach. Rather than relying on outdated imagery, the client or consultant can now work with recent GPS generated Digital Surface Models providing survey-grade aerial imagery and three dimensional terrain models.

Wind Turbines
In the last ten years the wind power industry has grown rapidly. The main focus of attention is the maintenance and repair of the turbine blades. Skyview Robotics can offer detailed aerial spectral surveys to detect cracks in blades before they become a major structural problem resulting in huge repair or replacement costs.

Solar Panels
Detecting solar panel cells that are not performing is essential in ensuring that investment in solar energy gives maximum financial return. Using our spectral imaging sensors Skyview Robotics can inspect and identify cell defects which if unrepaired can result in severe drops in energy production while also being a potential fire risk.