Landfills are an essential part of everyday life. Therefore they need to be carefully managed to minimise their effect on the environment and human health. Landfill operators have to harmonise environmental factors with operational efficiencies and site safety promoting a positive public perception.

Achieving high waste compaction densities is a fundamental key for landfill operators to maximise the return on their infrastructure investment by ensuring the site can accommodate the maximum volume of material possible. Good compaction also improves safety by providing a stable surface upon which people and machinery can work and helps to reduce nuisance factor vectors of odours, rodents, airborne litter and surface water contamination.

Skyview Robotics’ remote sensing capabilities are an extremely useful tool for surveying and monitoring landfill sites producing geological, topographical and environmental assessments of new and operational sites.

Skyview Robotics uses Digital Elevation Modelling to give a GPS 3D image which can be used for volumetric calculations as the site is being filled providing essential information such as capacity levels and areas of uneven compaction and settlement. Regular monitoring can show how the landscape is changing over time and critically the extent of any subsidence.

Skyview Robotics’ thermal sensors can pick out heated areas to assess the risk of underground fires and we can equip the UAV platforms with sensors to measure air quality by detecting waste gases and how they are changing overtime.

By using Skyview Robotics, landfill managers can make more informed business decisions saving them time and money while improving both health & safety and environmental impact.