Precision agriculture is becoming a fundamental part of modern agriculture. It is based on the concept of observing, measuring and responding to crop variability more specifically to increase crop yields. This method of farming allows farmers to manage the land more efficiently by targeting the use of fertilisers and pesticides to boost yields and save money through the economical use of resources.

An important advantage of using precision methods is the benefit to the environment by using chemical treatments only where they are needed.

Skyview Robotics’ Unmanned Aerial Vehicles provide a cost effective tool to be used alongside both traditional and precision farming management methods. Our spectral sensors aboard our UAVs can detect areas of stress, disease and weed infestation as early as possible before it becomes visible to the human eye, giving the farmer vital information to act quickly and specifically to deal with potential problems before they occur or get out of hand. In fact, Skyview Robotics believes that the implications and potential of this technology could mean an increase in productivity and efficiency not witnessed since the mechanization of agriculture.

Skyview Robotics Agricultural Services:

  • Mapping of overall crop health
  • Fertilizer requirement mapping
  • Weed and disease location
  • Soil type mapping and topography (field elevation)
  • Yield prediction
  • Highlighting target sample areas for further analysis