Over recent years, woodland and forestry management methods have seen a significant increase in the utilisation of technology from the GPS management equipment and software to the 360 degree precision harvesters.

The use of remote sensing is the next revolutionary innovation for woodland and forest management. Aerial imagery can provide an accurate assessment of a woodland area giving a 3D topography map while also monitoring its health and sustainability now and in the future.

Skyview Robotics aerial UAVs use visual, fluorescence, optical reflectance and thermal sensors to assess the health of a woodland or forest. These high resolution sensors detect areas of stress such as nutrient and moisture deficiencies and the presence of diseases and invasive species. In addition the data can give forestry managers vital quantitative information on stocking levels, species type and basal volume, density and area measurements. The images collected can further benefit woodlands open to the general public giving aerial information of the trails and recreation areas for health and safety, accessibility and future development planning.

Skyview Robotics remote sensing used in partnership with traditional field surveys can lead to a more efficient and cost effective way to manage both forest and woodland for either commercial or ecological purposes.